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I was making one of these bowed front glasses cases yesterday for my husband and posted the pics on Facebook. I had quite a few requests for the pattern so I thought what the heck, let’s make one for myself and do a quick tutorial, so here goes-

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A fab 30 minute make. Ideal for a gift for a teacher or relative, or maybe just a quick treat for yourself, a great scrap buster that takes less than a fat quarter.


Download the free cutting template: Groovy Glasses Case pattern piece

Watch the video tutorial on YouTube: Video Tutorial

You will need:

2 small squares of fabric 10 x 9” – one for outer and one for the lining – I used vinyl for the outer and quilting cotton for the lining

A magnetic clasp

Medium weight fusible interfacing (MWFI)

A small square of Fusible fleece (optional)


The Seam allowance is 1cm (3/8”) throughout. The seam allowance is included in the pattern piece

Approximate finished dimensions: 17 x 8 cm (6.75 x 3.25”)

 Skill level: Easy

All my patterns can be made on a domestic sewing machine, I am using the Janome Atelier 7.

Print off the pattern sheet making sure the box ‘actual size’ is ticked and the ‘shrink to fit’ or ‘fit to page’ box is unticked on your printer settings, or your printer may reduce the size. There is a 1” square control box shown on the pattern for you to check before cutting.

Prints on 2 pages of A4 or US letter size paper.Groovy Glasses Case pattern piecePattern piece

Cut one each of outer, lining, medium weight fusible interfacing, and fusible fleece.

Fuse the medium weight fusible interfacing to the outer piece (not needed if you are using vinyl)

Trim the fusible fleece down by 1cm all round to keep bulk out of the seams, then fuse centrally to your lining piece.1B

Press up a 1cm (3/8”) hem on the bottom edge of both outer and lining. If you are using vinyl, use Wonderclips rather than pressing. I’m sure you know why !2B

Attach the male part (the slimmer part) of the magnetic clasp to the top curved edge of your lining piece centrally 2.5cm (1”) down. I like to add a bit of firm interfacing to the back to strengthen.4b

Lay the fused outer and lining pieces right sides together matching all edges and with pressed hem edge folded up

Stitch around all 3 sides apart from the bottom folded edge, with a 1cm (3/8”) seam allowance5B

Trim corners and curves and turn through.

Fold the bottom edge up by 7cm (2 3/4”). (Your bottom edge is still folded inside) Pin or clip at the side seams to hold it in place – The pattern widens at this point so you will need to push the side seams in a little at the top so they fall in line with each other – this gives us the bowed shape front and the extra room we need to keep our glasses in.7B

Fold the top flap edge down and check where the nipple of the male part of the clasp lands. Make a mark with chalk or disappearing pen (Keep that folded bottom edge folded inside)8B

Attach the female part of the clasp here, just through the outer layer, hold the lining back out of the way. I used a small piece of firm interfacing on the back to strengthen again.9B

Open the piece out again, and with the bottom edges still folded in, topstitch 3mm (1/8”) all the way across this edge. This closes the folded edge and gives a neat finish.10B

Fold the bottom edge back up again by 7cm (2 3/4”). Make sure your side seams are lining up. Pin or clip in place.

Double check that your magnetic clasp is closing correctly, adjust the side seams a little if you need to.11B

Topstitch all the way around your case from the folded edge on one side, all the way around the flap and back down the other side seam.12B

And there you have it – a super easy case for your sunglasses or glasses. Tea and biscuits all round!16

Download the free cutting template here: Groovy Glasses Case pattern piece

free glasses case patternGreat for men, women or your sunglasses! You can reduce or increase the size of the pattern easily on a photocopier or printer if you want to make it in different sizes.

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I hope you enjoyed making your glasses case and found the instructions easy to follow.

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