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twist lock clasps

Twist lock clasps can give your bag or purse a really professional finish.

Never worry about attaching this type of clasp, it’s much easier than it looks! There are a number of different types of twist lock so refer to your manufacturers’ instructions, but this is the most common type with prongs and a backing plate.


Attach the upper clasp 

The top part of a twist lock clasp – the ring and backing plate – would be applied once your purse flap is finished, as it goes all the way through the flap.

With the right side uppermost, measure across the flap to find the central point and mark. Lay the ring face down on the flap at this mark, with the prongs facing upwards. Normally I would position it a third of the way up, but it depends on the design of your bag, choose where it will look best.


Draw around the inside of the ring firmly to mark the placement.


Carefully cut out the oval with small sharp scissors, straight the way through all layers of the flap.


If your fabric is prone to fraying, you can use Fray Stop/Frey Check glue all the way around the opening on both sides.

Push the prongs of the ring through the hole from front to back, and straighten as necessary.


Turn the flap over to the back, you will see the prongs sticking through. Pick up the corresponding backing plate and place over the prongs.

Check everything is still looking straight on the front, then flatten the prongs outwards onto the back ring to secure, use a screw driver or old pair of scissors to help push the prongs down firmly.


Attach the lower clasp 

Now we are going to attach the under side of the twist lock clasp. You can measure and attach it before bag make up, but I prefer to do it near the end so I know exactly where the clasp of the flap is going to land.

Fold the flap down over the front of your bag or purse into the desired finished position. Make a mark centrally through the hole in the flap clasp onto the purse front to give you a position for the twist lock to sit.


Open up the flap again and lay the base plate centrally onto the mark you just made. Mark the 2 slots at each end. These mark where we are going to cut the fabric for the prongs to go through. Fuse a small piece of extra firm stabiliser to the back to strengthen.


Now, pull the bag or purse lining up and out of the way, and using a seam ripper, very carefully cut along the two marks you have just made, no more no less! Cut through the outer fabric only – do not cut into the lining. You can use Fray Stop/Frey Check again if desired, just around the slits.


Push the prongs of the twist lock through the slits from front to back.DSCN8056b

Put your hand inside the lining pieces and place the backing plate over the prongs. Bend the prongs outward again to secure the clasp in place.


I hope you found this tutorial helpful

If you are looking for the pattern for this Twist Lock Purse, click here

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