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I’m always being asked about the best way to make bag straps. I remember we used to make a tube then spend hours trying to turn it through. The ends of mine used to look like they had been through a shredder by the time I had finished – especially if they were those nasty thin straps. So here is a quick free tutorial on making a bag strap without losing your sanity.

You can also see my video tutorial for this on my YouTube channel here: youtube

cross body strap tutorial

You will need:

  • Outer fabric – Quilt weight cotton of your choice
  • Medium fusible interlining – I use Vilene F220
  • 1 x ¾” adjuster buckle
  • 2 x ¾” lobster clasps for attaching the strap to the bag
  • All Purpose thread to match

 Approximate finished dimensions: 47 x 0.75 inches (119 x 2 cm) 

This makes a generous adjustable and detachable cross-body length strap, but you can increase or decrease the length according to however long you want your strap to be


Cut a strip 50 x 3 inches (7.5 x 127 cm) in:

  • 1 x outer fabric (Its fine to have a join if your fabric isn’t long enough)
  • 1 x medium weight fusible interlining

Fuse your interlining to the outer fabric.

Fold in half along the length and press.


Open out again and fold in the outer raw edges to meet this central crease


Now fold back in half again along your first crease line enclosing the raw edges, making sure folded edges line up. Press and pin in place


Topstitch along each side 1/8” (3mm) from the edge


Now thread your adjuster buckle onto the strap, thread the strap over the bar. Pull 1.5” (4cm) of the strap through it and fold back on itself so the bar of the adjuster is enclosed. Pin in place.

(You can fold the end of the strap back under itself to neaten the edge if you want to, but I find it often makes it a bit too bulky)

Sew two lines of stitching across at this point to secure it.

Thread your first lobster clasp on at this point, then take the loose end of the strap and thread it through the adjuster over the top of the fixed strap and adjuster bar, and enclose the raw edge inside.


Now thread the second lobster clasp onto the loose end of the strap. Pull 1.5” (4cm) of the strap through it and fold back on itself. (you can fold the end of the strap back under itself again here if you wish)

Sew two lines of stitching across again to secure it.

 Fabulous !

Tip:  You can use this method to make any width of strap you choose, just cut the fabric 4x the width of the strap you want to make. Use adjuster and lobster clips to match your finished size.

I hope you enjoyed making your strap and found the instructions easy to follow.

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