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Soft landing in Denver

plane to denverSO…. its day one in Denver Colorado, we are 7 hours behind UK time. Boy, did I need my bed when I arrived last night.

Long journey but arrived safely. Think I ate in excess of 6 meals in 24hrs on various planes and in airports.

It’s a beautiful and picturesque city, and luckily I have a day to acclimatise before Craftsy filming starts. They call it the Mile-High City as it’s a mile above sea level. The air is thin though and I am feeling a little queezy. Don’t think I could run a marathon today (wadda you mean I couldn’t anyway ! )denver-city-park

I’m staying Downtown in a very themed hip hotel. I’m on the “One Hit Wonder” floor, hope nobody is trying to tell me something.

20180519_084228 (1)

Check out this room!

Curtis room

Apparently alcohol is so much stronger if you  drink at high altitude, so they tell you to be careful – never having been careful with alcohol in all my life, I will try not to have any whilst here, I don’t want any raging hangovers for filming, that would be disastrous!

300x50 free trial

Just point me in the direction of the shops instead! My intention is to plunder every fabric shop and haberdasher in the metropolitan area. Only problem is, it’s lobbing it down, and as it is only 5am, the shops don’t open for another 5 hours!

The nightlife looked great on my way in, I think I may have to come back at some point to sample it properly with the husband

denver night

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