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Sewing Studio Hoarder

So… I showed you my wreck of an attic before work started. Here is where we are now

Still a way to go but things are moving at a pace.

(If you want to see my previous studio update post, just click  here)
The guys are working hard, there are so many of them I can’t keep up. Every room in the house is in utter turmoil. If it’s not full of building rubble, key stones, ladders and cutting tools, then it is full of our previous attic’s crappy contents which I seem unable to let go. (Why would I need 4 dining room chairs that go with nothing and were out of date 10 years ago? I hold the hope that fashion changes and they may come back round again.)

What I am really trying to say is I am a hoarder. My (part) fabric stash lurking in the corner of the living room this week can attest to that fact,


but why I need to hold onto useless things is beyond me – I just can’t let go ! Maybe it comes from not having much when you are younger, but the world is now cheaper and more disposable (not that this is right in any way). I am still holding onto the baby’s baby clothes, and my baby is now a 6 foot, fifteen year old hulk, and I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Anyway, back to the job at hand, my sewing studio – (ooh, lets out a small squeak)


The supporting steels are in, the windows are in, the cross beams are out, the first electrics are done – the electrician couldn’t believe how many double plug sockets I made him put in, or how many machines I could use in different places. He even questioned why I would need a socket behind the staircase spindles, but a girl just never knows ! (I was a brownie you know – be prepared!)

As for cups of tea arghhh! With 8 builders on site, it’s just relentless – I can’t get any work done (even if I could find somewhere to do it). And what is it with builders and sugar? I am on my 3rd kilo of sugar in as many days, I didn’t know anyone still had 3 sugars in a cup of anything.


I refuse to complain however as it’s so worth it, this is going to change my work/ life completely, I’m such a lucky girl. I’m just counting down the days until it’s finished and I can get in there and start prettifying.

(If you want to see my previous studio update post, just click  here)

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