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Packing Pods. New Pattern out now


****PACKING PODS**** purchase on the website here

See the Packing Pods on YouTube in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us3zQudWJfU


Brilliant for packing all your clothes, underwear, toiletries and electronics into your suitcase, keeping everything organised and tightly stored to increase capacity in your case and prevent your clothes moving around and creasing. Also fantastic for everyday storage.

Get the pattern here:


Introductory low price until Sunday Midnight GMT

An easy pattern anyone can make. All you need is a little fabric and a continuous zip.

You finally talked me into it: NOW WITH FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL

The Pods are seriously lightweight and roll up to nothing, adding no weight to your weekend bag or suitcase.


They come in three sizes, a joy to make – no interfacing, no lining, and no binding, with an ingenious neatening method so they look as beautiful inside as out.

Flatten them down, roll them up and pack them away after use in a tiny space.


Make them from anything, from rip stop and cottons for featherweight storage, to more robust fabrics like canvas, vinyl and cork, which make much sturdier pods that pack inside each other, all work beautifully.


The pattern and video explain everything in detail, it’s an easy make, so why don’t you give them a go, and you’ll wonder how you ever packed without them

Get the pattern here:


Also available on Etsy (but more expensive due to Etsy taxes added):


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  • Beal
    September 21, 2019

    Question about supplies needed… the pattern page says outer fabric and continuous zip. In the daisy pacing pod photo, though, it looks like the seams are finished with bias binding. Is that right? Is bias binding needed as well? Thanks!

  • Chris Hawke
    September 21, 2019

    I just love your Pod pattern. Even OH asked me to make some for him. Now that’s a first 💖

  • Camila B
    October 1, 2020

    Hello! May I ask you which is the most appropriate thread to sew cordura/1000-600 Dernier with domestic machine? Thank you!

      • Camila
        October 1, 2020

        Thank you so much!! I will try this one.


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