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New to-me interfacing product

If, like me, you make a lot of bags – you will be making your way through yards and yards of various interfacings.


The interfacing I use the most prolifically is non-woven light to medium weight fusible interfacing. I use it for outers, linings, pockets, in fact just about everything. Even if I’m using a foam or fleece, I often add a medium weight fusible first

See my YouTube video – Interfacings for bag making here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1WEGO1beFs&t=630s

Interfacings for bag making

The main reason I use non-woven medium weight fusible is cost.

UK prices for Vilene F220 light/medium weight is around £3.00/m. I would much rather use a woven fusible as it gives the finished fabric a much better drape – a more ‘fabric-like’ handle, but the price is restrictive when using in large amounts. Vilene’s G700 woven interfacing coming in at just under £7.00/m and Pellon SF101 at £6.00/m

So last week I was asked to try a product I have not used before – WovenFuse. This is an American product sourced and supplied by Barb’s Bags at www.GotInterfacing.com


The price is cheaper at around US$4 per yard, but amazingly it is over twice the width too, so inch for inch it’s about a third of the price of the big name brands.

Obviously I don’t need to be asked twice where bag experimenting is concerned, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I was travelling last week and had broken my tablet (the electronic kind, not my Paracetamol !), so had to purchase a new one very quickly – my old case didn’t fit so I grabbed some fabric and decided to whip up a case that evening – a good reason to try out the new interfacing.


I planned to apply the WovenFuse to both outer and lining as I would normally do with a non-woven, and also to the pocket and closure flap

I always block fuse my fabrics ie fuse the whole fabric before cutting out my pieces. What I immediately found satisfying was that I could fuse my own whole width of fabric due to the wider width of the interfacing, rather than having to piece it as normal – (t’s been christened Franken-facing)

It fused quickly and evenly, the adhesive seems to be a generous layer and fuses firmly giving a really good bond with the fabric – I would even venture to state, better than the big brand interfacings.

I found it slightly thicker than the Pellon or Vilene counterparts, which I liked, as for bag making the firmer the better as far as I am concerned normally.

So I made up my tablet case, the product stayed firmly adhered to the fabrics even on turning through – and even unpicking at one point (no…I wouldn’t have done that lol)


My case feels really sturdy, more so than I would expect from a normal medium weight interfacing, it is definitely a ‘thicker’ more substantial product.

zippi case2

My verdict is definitely a big thumbs up, price is great, especially as it is twice the width.

I’m a convert. At the moment the product is only sold in America, but they do ship Worldwide. Definitely worth a try – see what you think.

The link is here: https://www.gotinterfacing.com/

The sewing pattern was adapted from my own pattern – Mi Zippi iPad Case here:  There are 3 different sizes available if you search in the shop.ipad cover

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