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Mister Domestic’s Playroom Party

Party !!….. Well who doesn’t love a party – especially when it’s a fabric and sewing party. (The ones I mainly go to these days, I have to admit)

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I was so excited to be invited by Mathew Boudreaux AKA @misterdomestic to join his group of phenomenally talented Master Makers (oooh lovely tag, makes me feel super important) to showcase his new range of delicious nursery prints developed for @artgalleryfabrics.


Take a look at the amazing Look Book for the Playroom fabric range here: https://liveartgalleryfabrics.com/playroom-fabric-lookbook-project-catalog/

The Playroom collection was designed by Mathew, inspired by his daughter Helena and a child’s love of play.

I was delighted to received a beautiful package of muted prints – so delicious. A pallet of playful soft colours in the cutest prints that include florals, geometrics, handprints, art supplies, and graphic lettering. All I had to do now was decide on which of my patterns I wanted to use, print combinations and zip colours etc. There was an awful lot of playing going on in my own studio (well I guess it is my own playroom really!)


So I decided to plump for my Packing Pods sewing pattern. Although I designed these for travel packing, I thought they would be great for storing babies and children’s paraphernalia in the nursery – from nappies, baby care products and tiny clothes, to progress to their toys, games and clutter as the kids get older.

The pattern comes in three sizes – I made each size in a different print to showcase the glorious colours and designs.

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You can grab the pattern on my web site here: https://www.spencerogg.com/product/packing-pods-in-3-sizes-video-tutorial-pdf-sewing-pattern/

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It’s a perfect easy sew, great even for beginners and comes with a full free video tutorial too to walk you through make up – even if you have never inserted a zip before, you will find it a breeze!

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Then I decided I really should throw myself into a bit of quilting – if you didn’t already know, Mister Domestic is the ‘Prince of Quilting’ and creates the most amazing stitched goodies.

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Check out @misterdomestic insta feed – I promise it will make you drool! https://www.instagram.com/misterdomestic/

So I pulled out the fusible fleece and got cracking with my erasable pen and a quilting rule to produce a gorgeous quilted sheet of fabric to make a final quilted Pod from – It worked so well – I think I am always going to quilt them from now on. It looks so soft and squishy !


Many thanks to Mathew who generously gives his time and experience to help all the makers with lots of aspects of the makes from product through to photography. It was lovely to spend time on video chat with him and to have him in my sewing room all to myself for a while, he really is such a genuine supportive and encouraging guy.

Find the whole crew of Master Makers here: https://misterdomestic.net/2020/02/18/playroom-project-party/ and enjoy some of the amazing makes created by everyone – such a diverse and amazing range of sewn projects – great ideas for inspiration.

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Still a week to go, so make sure you follow the rest of the party on the Mister Domestic blog here: https://misterdomestic.net/

Thanks for letting me part of it all – JOY AND POSITIVITY – It’s been a blast. 

See more of my patterns and hardware on my store at www.spencerogg.com

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  • Diane Beavers
    March 17, 2020

    These pods are too unique! I never thought of putting a small suitcase (pod) inside my suitcase. The Playroom fabrics are perfect for your pods. And you quilted them: agreed there’s nothing like that squishy look & feel.


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