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Let’s get Social

I am now in the midst of trying to get more patterns developed, photographed and online to pay for a full time fabric addiction, studio fit out, and the odd glass of wine.

I just launched a new sewing pattern yesterday after a month of testing, and it has already been featured on Pattern Pile, I am thrilled!


I think to make a pattern successful it needs to have something different. With this pattern, I developed a handy outlet for you headphone or charger lead, and a pocket to store your ear buds. There is nothing worse than getting on a long haul flight satisfied with the 6 fantastic movies you have managed to download, only to find you left your headphones at home.

The pattern comes with options to create a wrist strap, or a longer strap so it can be used like a mini-bag. (Great for all those festivals I go to these days)

The ideas and pattern development come easy, it’s getting them out there and using social media as a tool that I am struggling with. I have half ignored social media for business until now, but realise I can no longer live without using Facebook/Insta/Pinterest etc  If I want to make a go of this (God help me if I ever have to go back to work – nooooo, I can’t let it happen!)

Obvs as everyone else, I have lots of candid shots on all these mediums, though nothing I would really want to publish in a professional blog, haha. So – I must get my head down and learn, I’ve already attached myself to Tailwind, which I never knew existed until last month, but what a great tool to schedule pin posting. (It’s a nightmare having to set an alarm clock for 2am so you can just run downstairs to post a pin to hit the time the Americans are shopping for new patterns – sorry, my American friends, you are still my biggest and most important market).

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