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I’ve been YouTubed !

It’s been an exciting week at Spencer Ogg Towers!

I’ve just filmed my first short sew-a-long to get started with the medium of video. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but scared of being seen in real life!


So here’s my first toe in the water, just me and a film student Jake. Thank goodness he knew something about camera angles/directing/editing/re-shooting/throwing great lumps away etc. It really is time consuming.

I know I was filmed for the Craftsy Class, but that was all singing, all dancing with crew and cameramen everywhere, make up artists, hair fluffers, sound checkers etc – all I had to do was sew. Now I have to think for myself too, it’s so much harder, and a steep learning curve for someone who was a social media illiterate just over a year ago, I hadn’t even heard the word vlogging.

So, I have unbelievably just launched my YouTube channel here: 


and loaded up my first 8 minute video clip. It’s just on making an adjustable bag strap, and I’m sure most of you already know how to do it blindfold, but I needed a starting point. Be kind to me, its my first attempt and I’ve learnt a lot along the way!

you tube header flat

My plan is to do a couple more quick tutorials just to get myself and Jake used to it – and maybe improve a little into the bargain, and then, my first full sewing pattern sew-a-long! Now I know how long these things take to make, I better set a few weeks aside for that one!


Please subscribe to the channel while you are on there, and my next free video tutorial should show up in your YouTube feed

Pattern shop buttom



  • Jill Weese
    February 14, 2019

    Congratulations on the launch of your You Tube channel! I am an aspiring sewist and maker, as well. So, you have inspired me to simply get started! I found you on Bluprint- I LOVE the Harris Tote. I have some beautiful double-faced wool and Italian cotton for the lining…. It’s next on the project list! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! Best wishes always!

  • RC
    August 8, 2019

    So glad you will be on U-Tube and I cannot imagine you being nervous, your a natural. You are so beautiful! So don’t be shy. I look forward to having you show us step by step tutorials soon.
    I just purchased a wallet pattern from you and am wondering about some of the words you use in your pattern. It is so wonderful to follow someone who is on U-tube and see what they are actually doing from step to step plus I get what they mean when they personally show us. It’s like having you right in my sewing room too.

    What does “one each way round mean”? Can I use decovil for decovil light, what is firm stabilizers vs SF 101? And you mentioned Virlene in the wallet pattern as well.
    Can’t wait to make this wallet, what a wonderful gift for my family or friends for Christmas. I first must understand what you are wanting with the above concerns.
    Thank you and Best wishes in your new endeavors.


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