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Good Morning Denver. Anyone else up yet?

Ping !! Oh look is it that time again? (4.30 am!)

Well I had great plans for sampling the Denver nightlife and trying one of the lovely themed restaurants that Denver has in abundance last night.

Not a chance, I was fast asleep by 8pm.  The sales pitch for this one below particularly amused me! -no prizes for guessing which one I would have gone for.


This one particularly amused me.

I made up for it at breakfast of course. Who knew you could get a breakfast bruschetta omlette (in pastry)


I was lucky to have a free day and the chance to shop yesterday, and though the weather was inclement, to say the least, whilst Britain basked in glorious sunshine, and the rather fabulous Royal Wedding, I managed to bob around the city’s rainy shopping areas on buses and Ubers.


I dragged myself to a couple of local fabric stores (obvs kicking and screaming) and though the price of most items here in the US these days is more than the UK, the fabric was a steal. Tula Pink fabrics only $10 a yard, half the UK price! So it would have been rude not to indulge.

I then had to proceed swiftly to TKMaxx to buy an extra wheely case to carry on the plane home due to said purchases

Denver seems a very cultured and boho City, and has some fabulous characterful independent shops. I nipped into a comic shop and had the best coffee and banana bread you could imagine whilst surrounded by old books, comics and and arcade machines. (I also found ‘pot shops’ are legal here!)

Not sure I was on the best side of town at this point however, and Uber’d quickly to a high end shopping center to get out of the rain.

After availing myself freely at American Apparel, Anthropologie and Vera Bradley I headed back to my hotel room, which I will henceforth refer to as ‘home’ for a small classy glass of (I’m not drinking while I am here, oh go on then just one) beer in my toothbrush mug.20180519_163655

Night All !

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  • Lynn McKinnon
    May 20, 2018

    Reading your blog with great interest, enjoy. Lynn


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