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Craftsy Call

So…. a couple of months ago I received an e-mail from a very nice lady at Craftsy saying that they had been looking at some of my patterns and would I be interested to talk to them about teaching a bag making class for Craftsy.


That’s my ‘surprised’ face by the way.

After ruling out a number of hoax worthy friends, I found the offer was quite genuine, and was absolutely delighted to say yes.


A few meetings and samples later the class was agreed and I was sworn to secrecy until nearer the time.

There has been a lot of work and an enormous amount of fabric processed since then as you can imagine.

My boxes of samples have been packed up and couriered off to Denver, and I will be following them on Friday


Terribly excited, but also apprehensive – how will I be on camera? will I sound nervous? will I look 100 years old? will I stitch through my finger? will I stitch my leg to my finger? Anyway, you get the picture.

I am now in rehearsal stage, and this is probably the hardest part for me as I wouldn’t class myself as a natural talker, (well unless I’ve been at the wine, then you can’t stop me, hmm, maybe I should suggest that to them!)

script (1)

I really want to be able to express my love of sewing and inspire others to start on their own stitching journey.

Wish me luck, and follow me on the blog to keep up to date with what happens inside Planet Craftsy!

I’ll let you know more as it happens.



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