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A Bag’s Story – A reason for being

hero.So…Today I launched my new transforming bag pattern onto an unsuspecting public.

I believe every bag has a story and here is this one’s.

Last year we booked to go to Florida on holiday and of course the first thing I think of (it is me!) is what bags to take with limited luggage.

I knew I would be commuting through airports, whizzing down water slides and screaming on roller coasters, fishing in the Florida Keys and shopping in as many malls I could possibly get to.

One of the real deciding factors on bag choices was that I knew one hotel we were staying at ran a local shopping and Prosecco trip on bikes… (how exciting, lets out a little squeal) what bag could possibly perform all these functions?? (Yes, this was the hotel below, nice huh!)

Hawks Cay saltwater lagoon

Oh shiz, what was I to do?? I needed at least 4 bags but with no space to carry them all in my luggage. That was the moment I realised the bag I needed didn’t exist, and the idea of ‘the switch’ was born

pile-colorful-handbags-23694028 (1)

I needed something that could look nice for shopping, but was practical enough to be ‘hands free’ when required. Thankfully I no longer have babies and toddlers, but it would be good for that too!

Once the idea was born, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I made a few prototypes but the straps took time to change over, you had to unhook from one place and hook back on to another, many toiles hit the bin.


So I thought long and hard about how it could work without the faff, and finally came up with the patented ‘switch strap’

The bag transforms with just one single tug from a backpack to a cross-body or shoulder bag, and back again just as easily.

The straps are adjustable and long enough to fit even a leggy 6 foot lady (Which unfortunately I am not, I’m just a little short-arse!), but I made sure the bag would accommodate any size or shape.

A large easy access front pocket is great for travel documents and tickets, while a big zip compartment holds my iPad, phone, make-up and purse securely

I used fusible foam in the construction which gives brilliant protection for your electronics, and gives the bag a beautiful fixed rounded shape thanks to the added darts at the bottom, which in turn ensures more storage space inside the bag.


Style it up or style it down. I made a lovely Aztec print version to go on holiday and then a navy velvet and gold festooned one for weekends at home to go clubbing. (Nope that is a complete lie, I haven’t been in a club for years. Well apart from that one time…but that’s a different story)

I had so many compliments on holiday that I thought I better share it as my next pattern. You can buy it here


You know the good thing about a new bag is – your bum never looks big in it.

Now, don’t be copying my idea because my husband made me patent it (he’s like that)


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