What people say about us:

Louise - 5 stars – One of the best wallet patterns I've made to date! Genius how it comes together, very clear step by step instructions with photos and pattern pieces. The resulting wallet is just the right size and ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality. This is the first pattern I've made from Spencer-Ogg, worked perfectly first time and I'm really impressed!

Amy - 5 stars – I have 35 years of professional sewing experience and this is one of the best written patterns I have ever run across!! Although not for a beginners beginner, it would be fairly easy if you have a little sewing experience! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pattern!

Kath- 5 stars - Although I have been sewing over 50yrs if has always been clothing, so this was completely new to me. I did exactly what the designer instructed and read the instructions all the way through before I started. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow resulting in a very professional looking clutch.

Bernice - 5 stars – This is such a lovely user friendly pattern. Easy to follow and make up. An absolute pleasure to sew. I can 100% recommend.

Elizabeth - 5 stars – What a fantastic pattern! I've made three already and I love them. Expertly written and easy to follow. Thank you :)

Michael - 5 stars - This pattern it was made precisely as the picture, every written detail of how to be cut the pattern, instructions how to construct the bag is very well done. I thank you so much for your great job! I highly recommend this shop.

Beverley M -5 stars. Love this pattern. Very well explained and makes a great purse

Corky - 5 stars – Such an easy to follow pattern with amazing pictures and tutorials. And the suggestion to use the blind hem foot for topstitching is brilliant!

Laura K - 5 stars. Very nice pattern! Great instructions and easy to understand even though English is not my 1st language.

Artistic A -5 stars. Thank you for simple, easy-to-follow instructions for a fast finished product!

chezoe - 5 stars. Great pattern. Came together perfectly.

Marilyn - 5 stars. Love this pattern! Thank you!

Diana - 5 stars - A great pattern with lots of pictures and the instructions seem very clear. Can’t wait to make my first one!

Helen - 5 stars – Great patterns - easy to follow - thanks

Hazel - 5 stars – Loved making this wallet, made in cork for outsides and ditsy flowers inside, forgot to take a photo, easy to follow instructions for me and I’m not an experienced bagmaker by any means.

Brenda - 5 stars – Very detailed instructions with an abundance of photographs. Beautifully designed wallet.

Laura - 5 stars – Beautiful pattern! Very nice instructions..........I'll be using this in my shows and absolutely love how it turns out! Thank you!

Granny K- 5 stars – This pattern is very well written, I'm delighted with it - I'm sure my friend will love the bag I made for her.

iriandia - 5 stars – I love this pattern! Just made it, my first ever purse, and it made total sense (I have made clothes before).

Emily - 5 stars – The instructions for this bag were excellent and so pleased that it was so easy to make a bag that looks nice and professional. Thank you!

Natalie- 5 stars – Great pattern, all the pieces fit together perfectly. Very enjoyable to make and I got great results. Thanks so much!